Freshman = Discover

As you discover the mountains of opportunity available to Appalachian freshmen, make choices aimed at moving closer to the final goal, a productive career.

  • Focus on building a strong GPA now. Take advantage of campus resources that can help you improve before the course work becomes more difficult.
  • Meet and develop relationships with professors, advisors, and career advisors. Turn them into mentors by asking about their career paths and for advice about matching your interests and skills to a major and a career.
  • Explore membership in clubs, organizations and other extracurricular activities to develop your “transferable skills”.
  • Participate in lectures, performances, exhibits and other cultural events.
  • Consider a volunteer, part-time or summer position to begin acquiring experience in an area that interests you.
  • Visit the Career Development and Career Exploration websites and become familiar with all the resources available to students.
  • Consider taking a skills inventory assessment to help in selecting or refining your career path.
  • Understand the laws about alcohol use and avoid all activities that could lead to a drinking ticket, DUI or arrest of any kind. Employers will not hire graduates with a criminal record.
  • Take inventory of your online presence by doing a Google search on your name. Make sure your online presence reflects the image you want prospective employers to see.
  • Build a LinkedIn account and begin to link to career professionals you meet in your personal and academic activities. This will prove valuable when you begin to look for an internship or career placement.

For more information on how to prepare and succeed, check out this article (PDF) from NACE: Top Ten Career Strategies for Freshmen