Senior = Achieve

During your senior year, you should be working on your job search as diligently as you work on completing your academic coursework. Your future is happening now, so make sure you prioritize career related activities.

  • Seriously start the process of your job search in the beginning of the semester before you graduate.
  • Review and update your resume regularly making sure it is current on Career Gear. Convert it to Adobe PDF format before emailing it to prospects. Prepare a list of references.
  • Ask the professors you identified last year to write a letter of reference for you. Be specific about the letter’s purpose, provide a copy of your resume and give them a time deadline.
  • Prior to an interview research the company and be able to state clearly why you are interested in working for the employer. Have a list of questions ready to showcase your knowledge and preparedness.
  • Continue to work on your interviewing skills – practice interviews are available through Career Services. See the schedule.
  • Further investigate career choices and current job market availability online and through Career Gear. Sign up for on and off-campus interviews.
  • Schedule an appointment with a career advisor at Career Gear for more information on career paths, best employers, negotiating salaries, and reviewing resumes and cover letters. Attend job fairs, trade shows, and career conferences.
  • Develop a strategy for each prospective industry and/or employer. Approach employers directly and/or via on-campus recruiting events, networking and/or informational interviewing. Utilize your networking list on LinkedIn.
  • Select and apply to career appropriate employers early. If conducting a job search out-of-state, plan ahead and schedule interviews over semester breaks with employers in your area of geographic preference.