Sophomore = Explore

During your sophomore year you should take time to explore areas of interest and begin taking steps to prepare yourself for an internship.

  • Build or update your resume and have it reviewed by a career services counselor, faculty member and/or a professional in your targeted industry. Upload it to your Career Gear account and keep it current.
  • Use LinkedIn to build a networking list of professional contacts you meet through campus activities and personal interactions.
  • Continue exploration of different career paths related to interests identified. Take interesting electives to fulfill your own curiosity and to complement your main studies.
  • Take introductory courses in your major or choose exploratory courses with your advisor’s help. Check out What's It Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors (PDF).
  • Run for office or chair a committee in your club or organization. Doing so will help you learn the skills prospective employers will appreciate.
  • Participate in career-related experiences - pursue a summer job and/or internship related to your tentative field of interest.
  • Seek further exploration in a field of interest by spending a day shadowing a professional from a career path you are considering.
  • If you have yet to select a major, make an appointment with a faculty member in each of the schools you have identified as a tentative major for an informational interview. Get to know the professors teaching in your potential area of interest.
  • Take advantage of practice interviews and career fairs sponsored by the Career Development Center. View a schedule of these opportunities.

For more information on how to prepare and succeed, check out this article (PDF) from NACE: Top Ten Career Strategies for Sophomores.