Job Search

There is no magic formula to finding a job or internship. What works for one person may not work for you. The amount of targeted effort you invest in your job or internship search directly correlates with your success. 

The BB&T Student Leadership Center recommends this combination for business majors:

CareerGear - This is Appalachian’s online tool to search for jobs, internships, and on-campus interviews. Employers actively recruit Appalachian students from this site. 

Career Fairs – Connect face-to-face with employers recruiting Appalachian students for jobs and internships. Read How to Prepare for a Career Fair.

Networking – By building relationships and contacts, you can expand your available resources.

Solid record keeping – Use the Job Search Tracker (XLS) to organize all your interviews, thank you notes, referrals and follow-up actions to ensure you don’t lose valuable contacts and credibility.

Remain Persistent! If your search is not producing the results you would like, try a new career development strategy and set up a Career Counseling appointment.