WOW Mentoring Program

Mentor’s Role and Responsibilities

  • Serve as a wise and trusted advisor, learning broker and counselor
  • Engage student and encourage them to contact you regarding dilemmas or problems
  • Help student gain confidence, clarify goals and develop effective networking skills
  • Give timely, supportive and constructive feedback and help them improve their competencies including critical thinking, ethical decision making, interpersonal relations, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Be a professional role model allowing your student to observe and interact with you so that they understand how to become a productive, effective and respected employee and leader
  • Give periodic evaluations of student’s professional and career development progress

Mentee’s Role and Responsibilities

  • Seek advice from your mentor and be receptive to constructive feedback about career path decisions, skills competency development and professional development plans.
  • Be responsible, respectful, dependable and committed to building a productive mentoring relationship
  • Be motivated and proactive in clarifying your career goals, improving your work competencies and developing networking contacts

If you are interested in being a Women of Walker Mentor please contact:

Dr. Dawn Medlin, Founder
Computer Information Systems, Professor