LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools you can use in your career exploration and job search process. Unlike Facebook, which is primarily a “social media” site, LinkedIn is an exponentially growing network of people and corporations who are actively interested in making contacts to find or fill a job, build a professional network, or share information related to their work or industry interests.

With over 160 million members across the globe, LinkedIn is the go-to resource for professional networking and internship and career outreach.

You use LinkedIn to:

  • Track all the contacts you made by engaging in the activities suggested above
  • Contact alumni for informational interviews
  • Find job leads using LinkedIn’s jobs directory
  • Research companies and connect with their employees
  • Stay abreast of news and events in a career or industry
  • Participate in career-specific groups with others sharing your interests

Employers use LinkedIn to:

  • Connect with promising students and follow them throughout their college careers
  • Find internship/career candidates who meet their specific needs
  • Read recommendations from past supervisors and current professors
  • Research clubs and organizations you follow
  • Read your entries and postings to understand more about you
  • Profile prospective candidates prior to inviting them for an interview