Designed to help prepare Walker College of Business students for the realities of the business world, "Walker Business Connections" features activities involving faculty, students and industry professionals. Each major has a faculty member sitting on the planning committee and working to identify issues and trends of interest to faculty and students and bring industry professionals to campus to present on these subjects.

2017 Faculty Committe Members 
Department Name Email
Accounting  Dr. Tammy Kowalczyk  kowalczykt@appstate.edu
Computer Information Systems  Dr. Charlie Chen  chench@appstate.edu
Economics  Dr. Todd Cherry  cherrytl@appstate.edu
Finance and Banking  Dr. Jeff Hobbs  hobbsjc@appstate.edu
Hospitality & Tourism Management  Dr. Dana Clark  clarkjd@appstate.edu
International Business  Dr. Marty Meznar meznarmb@appstate.edu 
   Meredith Pipes churchmm@appstate.edu
Management  Dr. Mark Lewis lewismo1@appstate.edu 
Marketing  Dr. Bonnie Guy guybs@appstate.edu 
MBA  Kim Kirby kirbyko@appstate.edu  
Risk Management & Insurance  Dr. Dave Marlett marlettdc@appstate.edu 
Supply Chain Management  Dr. Beth Ellington ellingtonve@appstate.edu 
   Dr. Steven Leon leonsm@appstate.edu 
Sustainability  Dr. Jim Westerman westermanjw@appsstate.edu
   Dr. Rajat Panwar panwarr@appstate.edu
   Dr. Carol Kline klinecs@appstate.edu

Last year, over 1000 students, 250 industry professionals, and 60 faculty members participated in this event and responses were overwhelmingly positive. Given the enrichment opportunity of the event to both faculty and students, and the very large number of participants expected, all classrooms within Peacock (Raley) Hall will be used between 8:00am to 5:00pm on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Our hope is that faculty will assign classes to participate in the Walker Business Connections event that day. Attendance will be reported back to faculty once the event is complete. Classes not assigned to participate in the event and scheduled before 5:00pm will be moved to alternative classroom space outside of Peacock (Raley) Hall.

Please email Amy Odom at odomah1@appstate.edu for further information.

All faculty members are encouraged to attend. Please register for the event.