Business Executive/Formal

Choose this when you are dressing to impress for interviews and high level networking events.


  • Pant or skirt suit – coordinating/matching (navy, black, dark gray)
  • If you choose a pant suit they must be full length pants
  • If you choose a skirt suit it must be at least knee length and you must wear hose
  • Blouse (conservative solid or print, cotton or silk) 
  • Jewelry 5 pieces or less 
  • Heels (under 3 inches, closed toe)


  • Coordinating/matching pant suit (navy, black, dark gray) 
  • Pressed shirt – collar without buttons
  • Solid/conservative tie belt (must match shoes) 
  • Coordinating dark and or neutral colored socks 
  • Leather Oxford shoes (lace-up and must match belt, polished)