Putting it all together - the Pitch

Once you are clear on your brand, it is time to market yourself to employers. Begin developing the communication tools that support your brand. Start by developing a "commercial" or "elevator speech." Here is an example:

Ever since I was little I enjoyed writing. At the age of 12, I even published a neighborhood newsletter and volunteered to make flyers for special events at my church. While in college, I was yearbook editor. Not only did I supervise the production from beginning to end, but I created and implemented a marketing campaign that increased yearbook sales by 10%. Now that I have a B.A. in Communications, I am ready to apply my talents to a non-profit that is working to serve the homeless community. Since your mission resonates with my values, it would be a great fit.

This brief "commercial" conveys that the individual is a self-motivated, technically capable and altruistic. But rather than telling the employer she has these traits, she shows them through her examples....starting a neighborhood newsletter, volunteering at her church, making an impact on the bottom line for yearbook sales. She has created an image or brand for herself.

In addition to an oral pitch, job seekers need to communicate their brand through business cards, resume, social media sites and other job search tools. Even your wardrobe should reflect your brand. For example, if you are marketing your creativity and graphic design skills, you will want to dress with a little more flare than a banker or accountant. You may want to create a logo for yourself which is replicated on all your communication pieces. You may also want to create a website and CD where employers can see samples of your work.

The world is flooded with advertising messages competing for your dollars. Those with the strongest brand are able to break through the clutter. If you want to break through the throng of job seekers competing for those precious vacancies create a strong brand for yourself, one which helps employers remember you.