When emailing employers, be sure to use correct grammar, spelling, and formatting. This email could be your initial contact with the employer, and any errors will take you out of the running for a potential job opportunity.

To email a resume and cover letter as a job application, be sure to check the following.

  • Did I address the email to the right person? Did I spell their name right? Did I use Mr. and Ms. (not Mrs., unless you’re sure they are married)?
  • Did I introduce myself, making the potential employer want to learn more about me? Did I mention my major(s), University, and my GPA (if over 3.0)?
  • Did I mention the company and the specific job I’m applying for?
  • Was I pleasant and grateful? (Did I thank them for reviewing my application?)
  • Did I PDF and name my resume and cover letter? Example: John Doe - Resume John Doe - Cover Letter
  • Is my cover letter the first attachment (the order I want the employer to open the files)?

Be sure to send the email to yourself before you email an employer - that way you can catch any formatting problems.