Sustainable Business Careers

Knowledge of triple bottom line accounting and an interest in sustainable business are becoming increasingly relevant in the job market. Students with a minor in sustainable business or an interest in working for B Companies or other organizations that are motivated by more than profit have increasingly more jobs from which to choose. Please check out the lists below for open positions in some type of sustainable business. 

Internships, volunteer work, and certifications increase your employability and give you a chance to "test out" different fields. Think about volunteering for a local non-profit, B company, or socially conscious business, starting your Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, or completing an internship.

Green/Sustainable/Ethical Jobs/Internships Sites:

Non-Profit or Socially Conscious Jobs/Internships:

Lists of B Companies to research and reach out to: 

See Alison Reaves ( to see if any Appalachian contacts exist.


Utilize LinkedIn and the BB&T Student Leadership Center to find alumni at these organizations to reach out to in order to increase your liklihood of an interview.

For help with resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, LinkedIn, and more, please make an appointment on Career Gear. If you have more questions about sustainable business, please contact Alison Reaves at